Longevity Road Trip: What in the World is a Naturist?



Longevity Road Trip S1E4 - France

It is conceivable that some people in long-term, committed relationships eventually feel the need to spice things up. Be it through taking couples dance lessons, filling up the vacation calendar, or creating a more vigorous exercise routine, there are lots of ways to switch up the routine.

While these options can all be invigorating in their own way, they don’t fill the need for those who want to give their love life a shot in the arm.

On the fourth episode of “Longevity Road Trip,” (Monday, March 5 at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT), couple Taimi and Haldun take an up-close and personal at how improved intimacy can lead to a better existence.

Longevity Road Trip S1E4 - France

As part of their journey, Taimi and Haldun visit a naturist community, an environment in which residents and guests spend most of their time in the buff. However, what can’t be mistaken here is that such a place isn’t geared toward those seeking out sexual encounters.

“Naturism, or nudism as it is sometimes called, is generally defined as the practice of going nude, especially in a mixed social setting,” reads an excerpt found at

It continues: “For some, naturism is a carefully considered lifestyle; for others, it is no more complicated than a day at the nearest nude beach. What connects these two extremes is the sense of freedom naturist activities provide. It may be a matter of simple comfort – first-time skinny-dippers frequently marvel at how good it feels to be clothes-free – or there may be something more profound. For many, the social nudity that helps define naturism is personally liberating; through it, we come not only to accept ourselves but others.”

Longevity Road Trip S1E4 - France
After experiencing this liberation for themselves, Taimi and Haldun then visit another nude-centric resort. However, this place has a far more sexualized tone.

Which place does Taimi and Haldun best connect with? You’ll have to find out by joining this madly in love couple on their “Longevity Road Trip.”

-Adam Grant

Longevity Road Trip S1E4 - France

This week on “Longevity Road Trip” (Monday, March 5 at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT):  Couple Taimi and Haldun meet with a sex therapist to explore their physical and romantic connection, then travel to the Cap d’Agde in the south of France to visit a nudist colony and a swingers resort after meeting with France’s leading expert on sex and aging.

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